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Promotional Text is a new app that rethinks and simplifies how people meet online.

A lot people don't even want to try online dating, and for good reason! They ask way too many personal questions, then they share that information with a bunch of strangers, and they usually cost money. is different, and beautifully simple. Here's how it works: asks a couple really basic questions, and finds you potential matches. It then shows you pictures with each user's age and general location, and you like or dislike them.

If you don't see any results, or don't see anyone you like yet, will send you a push notification as soon as new people arrive for you.

If a person you liked also likes you, you'll get a push notification that you've got a match! Now, you can tap on the chat tab and start a private conversation with them. What's great is that this is completely separate from your email, texts or other social media, so you'll always have a safe place to interact with new people.

Once you've gotten to know someone, you can make video chat from within the app. Once you feel comfortable you may want to take your relationship further and meet at a coffee shop. At that point, has done its job, and helped two people meet. As always, be safe when meeting new people and sharing information online. is available now as a free download in the App Store and iTunes. Blog Posts

Blog Homepage: or ‘Why We Think We Can Prevail in the Notoriously Crowded Online Dating Space’
How Quality and Simplicity Make Something Totally New
Building and Launching an iPhone App and API Without Money Icon

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